Angry Shoot Squid Game

It is an entertaining but challenging game in which the player uses a catapult to give his bird some force and blast the barriers on the opposite side of the screen in order to cause them to fall from their platform and make contact with the ground. In the event that an impediment makes contact with the ground, it will be demolished immediately. Each and every game enthusiast will like this game, in which you use angry birds to knock down enemies and set your animation free from their captivity. In order to move forward, the birds are launched by use of a catapult. With a little stretching, the birds appear as fiery red balls, exhibiting the power of these angered birds, who destroy monsters and birds alike in a battle of monsters and birds, as shown in the video. Characters such as ninjas, sweet girls, dinosaurs, zombies, and others are used to keep the player engaged and motivated throughout the game. When a monster is hit with a smash hit, they are knocked down and killed instantly. It also serves to highlight the bond that exists between us. It is necessary to utilize your intelligence in order to accomplish the level because the battleground has been converted into a mess of diverse items.
Use mouse to play

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